12v-20amp AGM Gel Battery


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This Maintenance Free battery is ideal for 12volt Deep Cyclic / Deep Discharge / Deep Cell Applications:

  • Mobility Scooters
  • Electric bikes
  • Golf Carts
  • Golf Trolley

 This is also a General Series Battery

UC Series VRLA batteries can be used for:

  • Mobility Aids
  • UPS
  • Solar Power

 UPS systems, backup lighting systems, home alarm systems, jump boxes and any other DC application.


Even though there is a charge in this band new battery it is very important that it is fully charged before use, unless it is going into a system that automatically charges it like an alarm system or a back up power supply system, or other type of UPS. 

This type of battery, (Deep Cycle) is designed to produce a steady stream of current over a longer period unlike a car battery which is designed to provide a large current when needed, really to start the engine.

The Deep Cycle battery can be deeply discharged many times.

We will guarantee a battery for 3 months, but looked after it should provide years of service.

How to ensure maximum battery life! Fully charge deep-cycle batteries to provide reliable performance and extended battery life. Keep your batteries fully charged whenever possible.

Once charged remove from charger do not keep them charging "frying"

Batteries that are regularly and deeply discharged and not recharged, or infrequently charged, or stored without a full charge may be permanently damaged causing unreliable performance and limited service life. Constantly "topping up" batteries by charging them after use will shorten battery life. Every 6-8 weeks, they will greatly benefit from a full discharge and recharge, this helps them to perform their full "cycle".

Constant overcharging can kill the battery as can leaving the battery in the garage during a hot summer without being charged.

Battery quality does vary considerably the cheaper brands have thinner plates and do not perform well after deep discharging.

The Ultracell Deep Cycle battery is designed to be discharged to as low as 80% many times because they have thicker plates.

The biggest battery killer is being  stored in a partly discharged state for a few months

These Deep Cyclic batteries will not reach full capacity until cycled 10-30 times. A new battery will have its capacity  reduced by  5-10% lower than its rated capacity until it has performed its recharging cycles.

Lead Acid batteries do not have a memory, so there is no need to fully discharge to avoid "memory loss", in fact fully discharging constantly will lead to early battery failure.

Inactivity can be extremely harmful to a battery. We don't recommend purchasing a "spare" battery, the best thing is to buy it when you need it, we recommend that if you buy it, then use it!



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